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Canadian Rockies - 2

Jasper National Park


After a million years...

Lol ok... after some time we finally have internet access again and some time to upload. So I will continue updating from after we left Banff.

It was a long way to Jasper... we were very tired by the time we got there. But we did travel through the Icefields Parkway which is a beautiful drive.

icefields parkway.jpg

We managed to find accommodation immediately in a lovely B&B. Walking out of the restaurant we were eating at that evening, we see two moose?!? Eating grass from the central strip... rofl!

downtown jasper.jpg

On going around Jasper the next day, guess what, there was a bear... not more then 100 meters away from the nearest shop!!! Of course, we stopped the car, approached the bear and took some photos and video. EXACTLY contrary to what all signs and warnings regarding bears said! I.e. you should stay in a car when you spot a bear, and never, EVER approach him.
Shortly a ranger arrived to drive the bear away. That is when we noticed there were actually TWOOO bears! At that point we realized why the warnings made sense... While you were looking at one bear and paying attention to his movements, the other bear may attack you from behind and you would not notice a thing :-D.


On to Maligne Canyon, we went for a short walk to some waterfalls and then on to Maligne Lake. We finally decided that we could go canoeing, so we did and it was surely the most peaceful experience of my life. We were lucky that we went quite late so there was barely anyone else on the lake (unless you count the ducks). The place was absolutely amazing!!!


Leaving Jasper the next day (once again very sadly), we went on to the Athabasca Falls. When watching these raging falls you can feel their power. I think these are the falls which impressed me most. Watching them slowly eat away at the ground below them I could feel how powerless humans are against some against these strong forces of nature.

athabasca falls.jpg

We decided to stop at the Columbia icefield, within the Icefields parkway we had seen a couple of days before, in order to hike up to the Athabasca Glacier. We did so and managed to walk a short bit on the Glacier itself. Imagine that! Walking on ice which is thousands of years old. This Glacier is one of the six principal toes of the Columbia Icefield. Due to the warming climate, the glacier has receded more than 1.5 km in the past 125 years and lost over half of its volume. It seems that within the next 3 generations, this Glacier will be lost forever. This may be a problem since this Glacier feeds a number of lakes which are used for water.


After this it was bye bye Jasper National Park… a long drive on to Alberta and Vancouver…

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Canadian Rockies

Banff National Park

sunny 26 °C

Hello again,

We have finally managed to sort the Banff pictures ready for upload, so here goes our Banff experience..

Arriving in Banff we realised that it was much hotter then we expected. I am actually thinking I will be getting the sun tan I did not get all summer in Malta!! :p We were also surprised by the location of Banff... it is completeley surrounded by mountains. You go out of a shop and all around you see mountains and flowers... and wildlife!

in banff.jpg

The place is too pretty to describe and photos do not do it justice. This is true for most of the places we have visited here.

The day after arriving in Banff we drove off to Moraine Lake. This is the prettiest lake we have yet seen:

moraine Lake.jpg

We took a stroll to climb up a rockpile to get a view from the top... and oh!!! What a view! I guess the nicest thing about this lake was that there were not too many people around.

After leaving Moraine Lake we drove a short distance to Lake Louise, which is the more famous lake of the area. Altough it is also pretty, there were just too many tourists so we went away quickly. (We were also very hungry and food from near the lake was too pricey!) These are some shots:

Lake Louise.jpg

We went back to Banff and ate a hot rock lunch at 'The Grizzly bear'... with chocolate fondue for desert... and guess what! They use toblerone chocolate for fondue just like I do at home. Mark and I were amazed!!

After lunch we went up on a Gondola (cable car) to Sulphur Mountain. It had an elevation of around 7000ft.

Sulphur nature.jpg

Going down, the Gondola stopped in mid-air for 5 hearth wrenching minutes... the look on my face in the last photo below shows how happy I was during the wait. Mark was bemused at my anxiety.

Sulpher mountain.jpg

The next day we departed for Jasper. Still within the Banff national park we visited Johnston canyon. In the area there are several waterfalls. We walked for 3 hours to view them all, but it was well worth it!

jonston canyon.jpg

jonston canyon2.jpg

After the long walk up and down valleys we decided we deserved a good lunch. We found this beautiful and relaxing place which was an old railway station. Trains still pass on the rails next to the restaurant. And it was not even too expensive even though it was next to Lake Louise!!

lunch at lake louise.jpg
All in all, we were sorry to leave Banff… but then we got to Japer and it was a whole new experience. Watch this space for bears and more. Coming soon! :)

Hugs and miss you all,
Patz and Mark

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