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Toronto - 3




Since it rained all weekend, the plans layed out by Grace needed to be cancelled and new plans made. No matter! We still enjoyed both days immensely, mostly due to the wonderful people who joined us for these days.

I will start off with some photos of the kids:


Top 2 are Deanna and Mark's daughters, bottom left is Rebecca, Paul and Anne's Daughter and bottom right is one of Veronica's nephews.

On Saturday all of us went to the Toronto Eaton centre. All of us means around 12 people... Forget the shopping, but it was still loads of fun. Ok... I have to admit, I did some shopping anyway :)

On Sunday, we woke up left and all met at Veronica and Tony's house. Tony showed us his collection of cardboad US navy boats he makes by hand. WOW! super stuff... from the looks you would never tell they were cardboard...


The above photos shows the following people:

  • Going to Walmart to buy some toothpaste

  • In front of Deanna and Veronica's houses before leaving for downtown

  • All of us touring downtown Toronto

The following are some images from downtown:

And this is probably Toronto's most famous place, the CN Tower:

And finally, here are a couple of family shots:


Bye bye Toronto people! We already miss you. Hope to see you all in Malta sooooooon!!


Ps. I know I am some days late with uploads. Will try to make it up these two days since we should have internet access.

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Toronto - 2

Niagara... and some


Woke up early today after having slept at 1:00am the day before. (It was lovely meeting family who I had not seen in years and years). The day started by going downtown for Mark to buy a new camera. He was as excited as a kid and played around with it all day.

The first photo taken is of Alfie (Carmelo and Carl's schnauzer...)


At noon we started our 2 hour drive to Niagara on the lakes, with Grace, Veronica, Paul, Karmenu and Karl. Here they are below:


Top right: Carmelo and Carl, Top left: Paul, Bottom left: Veronica, Bottom right: Grace.

We first went over to Niagara-on-the-lake a pretty town over Niagara Lake.


There we found these wonderful little chocolate shop making fudge and chocolate and toffee and caramel apples!!! YUMMY!!!!!!

Chocolate copy.jpg

After Niagara-on-the-lake we went off to the Niagara falls. Before getting there we stopped at the GreatWolf Lodge. There is a HUGE indoor water park. WOW!! I want to be a kid again!

We finally got to the falls and it is a really incredible sight!!

After an amazingly wonderful and hectic day we got back home at 2:00am and straight to bed.

We enjoyed the day immensely... Thanks guys! :)

  • Click on the photos to view a larger picture.

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