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Crossing the Canadian Rockies [Day 9]

Planned Route - Jasper to Vernon

Weekend over and I did nothing I had planned to do. Spent the days relaxing. Saturday morning was the best! Hubby and I went over to visit a friend and she and her mum had breakfast (or brunch?!) ready in the garden. Yummy! some shade and a breeze... then some freshly cut grapes and more relaxing! Wasn't that cool? Thanks Mrs. Busuttil ;-)

Well I actually did something in preperation for the trip which I had not planned. I bought a wedding present for my mum's cousin's daughter (got that?!) in Toronto, who will be getting married 3 days after we leave for Calgary! What a pity to be missing the wedding!

I also updated all previous posts so that it is now possible to click on the maps and see a larger map. It is now possible to actually see the route :)

So here we go with Day 9. On this day there'll be no site visiting, but we need to get from Jasper to Vernon. We'll be getting two ferries, one at Shelter Bay and one at Fauquier.

Here's the route:

PS. Relaxing continued also on Sunday at Hubby's friend's house, in the pool. Thanks Michael! :-D
Oh and I was forgetting a BBQ on Sat evening with Hubby's brother and family and Hubby's aunt and family. Pretty relaxing too. I guess I deserved it after a hard week of work :)

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Crossing the Canadian Rockies [Day 8]

Planned Route - Areas close to Jasper

25 days to go!!! As promised I have updated previous posts to include links of each place of interest or place we'll be stopping at.

And these are the plans for day 8:

And here's the route:


  • Click on the image for a larger view

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